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My name is Sharon Grant, my children and I have started Party Street Ltd during lock down as part of keeping busy and happy.

I've managed a takeaway restaurant for over 15 years and enjoyed every minute of it.

However, I no longer want to travel to London every morning in order to get to work. So I've decided to start Party Street LTD in order to do something else that I would enjoy doing as much as I enjoyed the restaurant industry. 

Party Street is now our baby that we will cherish and help to grow. My aspiration is to grow this business and be able to provide jobs for my local community and eventually provide jobs on a wider scale. We will continue to upgrade our site with the best quality decorations that are available at an affordable price and trust that eventually as time goes by my customers will be spoilt for choice and will always be happy to return to our site.

Thank you for visiting us today and please come again soon.

Landmark Birthdays

When it comes to those landmark birthdays I understand how much you want to make your party into a colorful special occasion. Whether it’s the 16th birthday, a 21st surprise, or your partner is turning 50, I stock a selection of themed party decorations such as banners and sashes, as well as beautiful cake candles that come in a range of styles and themes. Kit your party out with only the best party accessories today and make each birthday one remember.

Party Packages Coming Soon...

Parties don’t come around that often, and other than candles and balloons it can often be difficult to remember what’s needed. I offer party packages that include all the relevant accessories necessary to make that party one to remember. Included in the packages is a selection of banners, party poppers, candles, plates, cups, and many more accessories and decorations to help that special someone enjoy their special day.
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Morgan Elder

06 May 2024

06 May


Amazing. Thanks so much 🙏

Hannah McHugh

13 October 2022

13 October


I ordered from Party Street Ltd for my younger cousins birthday. The items were delivered fast and efficiently and were of a very high standard and extremely go...
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